1:Expected Order Delivery Time

A:Usually it takes 4-9 working days.

2:How to cancel order?

A:You can mail us on

3:Can I modify my order?

A:No, modification is not allowed.

4:How much time does it take to generate shopping voucher after purchasing?

A:You will get your shopping voucher instantly after the purchase.

5:How can I use shopping vouchers?

A:You can redeem your shopping vouchers and you will get the amount in you shopping wallet, Happy Shopping.

6:Can I redeem my shopping voucher instantly?

A:Yes, you can redeem you shopping voucher if you buy Instant Shopping Voucher*.

7:What is the validity of shopping vouchers?

A:You can use it lifetime.

8:My payment has been deducted but I didn't recieve my shopping vouchers?

A:Don't Worry! We are here to help you. You can mail us your transaction Details and Customer ID on from the same linked email id. Our backend team help you shortly.

9:Other queries or suggestions.

A:For any queries or suggestion you can mail us on or call us on our
IVR no +91-92 0544 0544